Considering becoming a Living Wage Foundation Recognised Service Provider? You should…

The Living Wage was launched by Citizens UK in 2001. The principle behind the Living Wage is simple and powerful: that work should bring dignity and should enable families to enjoy the essentials of life.

The benefits of paying the living wage can include improving people’s lives by allowing them to better support their families or/and have a better quality of life, also by paying the living wage there are business benefits as it’s possible to attract / motivate / commit good members of staff throughout the life of any potential contract, thus ensuring better levels of work and customer service to tenants and customers. 

As a recognised service provider since early 2019, PSS have committed to paying all employees, other than those committed to providing a service to it’s clients, the UK or London Living Wage; PSS also ensure that when pricing work, an alternative bid is made with every proposal where the Living Wage is offered.

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