Committed to sustainability
within our organisation

At PSS we believe in a better future. We are an industry leader in sustainable practice, Green World Ambassadors’, ISO14001:2015 accredited, multiple environmental award winners and a carbon neutral business.


We take extra care in recycling, ensuring zero waste to landfill and encouraging others to follow the waste hierarchy

Kinder Chemicals

We use less harsh, plant-based, cruelty free detergents that still provide an effective, hygienic and efficient service

Smarter Fleet

We monitor usage, and set targets to reduce our Co2 emissions year on year through an electric and hybrid fleet

GHG Reduction

Through our processes and procurement, we ensure GHGs and reduced in all elements of our organisation and supply-chain

Sustainable Products

The products we supply and use provide the most sustainable solution for every business activity, from the uniform that we give our staff and the cleaning equipment that they use, to the bags which takes the waste away


We've pledged to net zero.

Our pledge

We are proud to announce that we are Carbon Neutral (PAS 2060) certified.

This means that we have assessed our carbon emissions through a third party, reduced which we can and what we cannot currently reduce, we have supported carbon offsetting projects to ‘neutralise’ our emissions.  The projects include:

  • Planting trees within floodplain in Shropshire
  • Supporting reforestation in Brazil
  • Supporting Sustainable Energy within Chile
  • And more. In fact, through our offsetting contributions alone we have supported 8 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

However, we understand the greater need to reduce our Carbon Emissions. Therefore, Property Support Services have pledged to Net Zero!

Using the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI) tool, we have set our target to a 1.5 Degree Celsius Scenario by 2030, with our base year being 2020.


We believe in acting responsibly & sustainably in our operations

Reducing the use of harsh chemicals

We work hard to ensure the chemicals or cleaning methods used are as environmentally-friendly as possible

Cutting down on plastic waste

Where we can, we look for products where we can close the loop on single-use plastics and where this is not possible, post production plastic products or compostable packaging would be utilised.

Reducing Paper and Card Usage

Through innovation and cloud-based technology, finding more sustainable options to printed communication methods.

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