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We're committed to making a difference.

Property Support Services (PSS Group) corporate social responsibility strategy is fully embraced and supported by all management and staff throughout the company. It’s about ensuring we sustain safe operations; having a positive impact on our staff, the communities we work in and the wider environment.

PSS’s governing principles are at the heart of our business and being socially responsible is, therefore, about incorporating those values in everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that this responsibility is embedded in everything we do.


How we manage our environmental and social responsibility, how we ourselves behave in the workplace, how we work with our clients and suppliers.

Property Support Services (PSS Group) places great emphasis on caring for the environment and communities in which we operate. A key target of ours is to promote a socially and environmentally responsible approach to the provision of our cleaning services whereby a safe and healthy working environment can be developed.

Where appropriate we will recommend and endeavour to have accepted cleaning and waste removal practice, which involves recycling and following waste hierarchy. Being able to provide these services in tandem with each other for our clients allows us to recommend different initiatives to care for the communities in which we work and the wider environment.

Our Commitments

We care for our staff, their families and all of the people affected by our work.

We provide training to ensure our management know how to care for their teams occupational health, mental health and wellbeing.


A key value is to treat staff how we wish to be treated and this shows through our retention rate


Through projects, innovation and support we always consider local communities


Sufficient information, instruction, and supervision to enable our employees to contribute positively to environmental upkeep while working


Revise and review our processes and practices to incorporate best practice into each element of the organisation


Using the latest technology and materials to ensure greater consideration of the environment

We will consider how we can best ensure our practices have a positive influence on the planet

We partner with many charities, both large and local and offer our support in a way which best suits the environment. Whether this be through annual fundraising events, monthly donations or how we manage our activities.

Our social value contribution in numbers


Our People


Community & Volunteering



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