Quality Management System

At PSS we know how vital data analysis can be in creating an efficient, measurable service. This is why we developed our own cutting-edge ‘Quality Management System’, an online portal for our clients and sites. This portal has been deployed across our sites with huge success. Our primary goal with this platform is to revolutionise the way we collect, manage, and transparently present data related to security and cleaning processes managed by PSSG Group. 

This sophisticated system allows us to deliver a streamlined service, reducing unnecessary cleans, and ensuring areas that need more frequent cleaning are identified and the schedule is adjusted accordingly. For example, using footfall sensors to reduce unnecessary washroom cleans by focusing primarily on peak usage times.

One of the key advantages of our QMS platform is its flexibility in integration with various systems. Furthermore, the platform includes different levels of access, ensuring that team members only have access to the data that has been explicitly authorised for their role.

Our QMS platform leverages technology to drive innovation in our processes. Here’s how it accomplishes this:

• Transparency of quality inspections, KPIs and process performance
• Data Collection from various devices
• Central Repository for Information

In summary, PSS’s QMS platform is a game-changer for our clients, enhancing transparency, streamlining communication, and optimising cleaning processes. By seamlessly integrating data from various sources and offering versatile access controls, this platform empowers organisations to make data-driven decisions and achieve greater efficiency in their operations.

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