Cleaning and best practice: why sustainable solutions matter

As one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaning and support services providers, and an industry leader in sustainable practice, PSS Group must be innovators when it comes to cleaning best practice. A huge part of that comes down to the sustainable cleaning products we use.  

We’re constantly on the lookout for industry innovations to ensure the products we supply, and use provide the most sustainable solution for every business activity. That includes everything from:

  • the uniform that we give to our staff
  • the training that we give our staff and our stakeholders
  • the cleaning equipment they use day in and day out
  • the chemicals used (or lack thereof)
  • the consumables we supply and how they are managed
  • how our supply chain operates
  • how we can support the communities that we work within
  • how we manage our office activities
  • how we manage our greenhouse gas emissions
  • the support we give to our clients
  • and more… Even the buckets, trolley, hoovers and cones we use are recycled!

Cleaning greener is, and always will be, at the heart of our commitment to sustainability. And it will remain crucial to help us achieve our goals.

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