Fourth Year of Planet Mark Certification

We are proud to share that we have received our renewed business certification for Planet Mark for the fourth consecutive year! This certification highlights our commitment to sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint and engaging our stakeholders positively.

Carbon Footprint Achievements

This year, our efforts have led to significant milestones:

  • Our location-based carbon footprint for 2023 was 69.6 tCO₂e, reflecting an 18.7% increase from last year, due to including new data on electricity, gas, and business travel, plus an increase in fleet travel due to further nationwide expansion.
  • Despite this, we achieved a -4.2% reduction in carbon footprint per turnover, and -6.2% reduction in market-based carbon reduction per turnover.

Social Value Contribution

We also measured our Social Value contribution for the third year, reaching £199,047 for 2023. Our top contributions were in environmental impacts, donations, community and volunteering and our people.

Our Commitment

Working with The Planet Mark, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on both the planet and society. We continuously strive to reduce our emissions and enhance our social contributions, aiming for a 5% annual reduction in emissions.

Together, we can do more good and create a sustainable future.

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