PSS Recycling Top Tips

Provide clear signage
Place clear and visible signage on waste streams and what can and cannot be recycled. This will help employees understand how to properly dispose of their waste.

Use small food waste caddies
Install small food waste caddies in staff rooms and tea points to collect organic waste for composting. This can help reduce waste sent to landfill or energy recovery.

Remove personal general waste bins from workstations.

Set up recycling stations
Place dedicated recycling bins and containers throughout the workplace, making it convenient for employees to recycle items like paper, plastic, and glass.

Lead by example
Show your commitment to recycling by actively participating and ensuring that recycling practices are followed consistently.

Avoid using blue rolls
Blue rolls are typically not recyclable, so encourage the use of alternative cleaning materials that can be recycled or composted.

Educate about coffee cup recycling
Inform employees that coffee cups are generally not recyclable due to their plastic lining. Encourage the use of reusable cups or provide alternatives made of paper or metal.

Communicate recycling benefits
Highlight the positive impact of recycling and how it contributes to reducing waste, conserving resources, and protecting the environment. Encourage employees to get involved and take pride in their recycling efforts.

Remember, fostering a culture of recycling requires ongoing communication and reinforcement. By implementing these tips, you can help create a more sustainable workplace.

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